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The travel essentials I don't leave home without

Coming up to the festive season and with many people going on holidays whether by car, plane or boat, here are my 6 travel essentials that I don't leave without.

1. Water bottle

This is very important especially when travelling on a plane as the cabin pressure can make you very dehydrated. I know that you aren't allowed to take bottles filled with liquid past security so I take an empty water bottle with me and then fill it up once I am past security and just about to get on the plane. This also means that once I get to my destination I have a water bottle there ready to take with me everyday and don't have to waste time trying to find and buy one. Staying hydrated can also been shown to help combat any jet lag.

2. Healthy Snacks

I have to admit plane food has gotten better over recent years and many airlines are now offering healthier options as snacks and meals. But when I can I still much prefer to make my own food to take on board with me. Or when travelling by car this is a no brainer - I know that I am going to get hungry after a few hours so I always have a few healthy snacks on hand such as organic popcorn, a piece of fruit or some nuts to munch on - all things which are easily transportable and don't need a fridge to keep cold or knife and fork to cut up and eat.

3. Face wipes and Moisturiser

I generally have wipes which are pure micellar water and a small container of moisturiser on hand which I use and apply just before the end of any flight. This is especially important if it has been a long 17 or 20 hour flight as the cabin pressure will have dried your skin out. This combined with keeping your water intake up during a flight will help you feel more refreshed upon arriving - especially if it is early in the morning that you arrive and aren't going to be able to check in to your hotel and have a shower for a few hours this is a great way to freshen up and also feel more awake to help combat the jetlag.

4. Lip balm

Same goes for lip balm. I always keep have lip balm in my handbag but during a flight I make sure that I re-apply it a few times to stop my lips from cracking.

5. A Book

At home I don't really get the time to read as much as I would like and I find that on holidays especially on planes and trains I like to read more so than watch movies.

6. A Travel Guide

I find this is the best time to read up about the place that you are going if you have never been before. I love getting the lonely planet guides on the country where I am going and reading up about all the history and culture of the place and seeing the must see sights and things to do.

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