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8 Week Corporate Health Program

The 8 week corporate health program is designed in such a way that employees get all the benefits from a range of nutrition, health and training services

They will learn about eating well, how to maintain a healthy and active life whilst being busy at work, get an insight into their nutritional health, get to challenge themselves in bootcamps and have the opportunity to ask a qualified Nutritionist those burning Nutrition related questions that they have.

It consists of 8 weeks of 2 sessions per week. 1 session every week is either a bootcamp or boxing class and then throughout the 8 weeks there are 4 different nutrition talks all touching on a different aspect of Nutrition but all giving them the fundamentals of a healthy diet and how to maintain that diet during busy and stressful times. There are also 2 x Nutritional Health checks and Diet consultations where they have the opportunity to go through their individual diet and come up with some meal suggestions and recipes tailored to their needs.

Week 1

- 15 minutes Nutritional Health checks

- 1 x Bootcamp session

Week 2

- 1 x Nutrition workshopWhat really is a healthy Diet

- 1 x Boxing session 

Week 3

- 15 minute Nutrition and Diet consultations

- 1 x Bootcamp Session

Week 4

- 1 x Nutrition workshop - Making smart Nutrition choices with a busy lifestyle

- 1 x Boxing session

Week 5

- 1 x Nutrition workshop - Staying active and healthy while working

- 1 x Bootcamp session

Week 6

- 1 x Nutrition workshop - Food for your mood

- 1 x Boxing Session

Week 7

- 15 minute Nutrition and Diet consultations

- 1 x Bootcamp Session

Week 8

15 minute Nutritional Health checks

- 1 x Boxing Session

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