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According to the Australian Institute of Health and Wellfare’s 2019 report there is an alarming 67% of Australians that are now overweight or obese and 50% of these are living with a Chronic condition such as diabetes, heart conditions or arthritis.


This indirect cost to employers due to lost time at work through sick days and doctor’s appointment is having a far-reaching effect. Although absenteeism from work has decreased over the past few years, indications are showing that 89% of employees are showing presenteeism and this has increased by 20% from the 2019 year and that 32% of employees go into work while they are sick and not feeling their best. 

Absenteeism from work reported to be costing businesses and the Australian economy in excess of $7 billion dollars each year and with presenteeism – employees being at work but not functioning at their optimal due to lack of sleep, medical conditions and stress related factors - in excess of $26 billion dollars.


What is an even worst statistic is that this does not have to be the case. Many of the chronic conditions that are causing this drain to the economy such as the aforementioned diabetes and arthritis can both be significantly improved through a tailored diet, lifestyle, nutrition and exercise plan.










According to the ABS data, 35% of full-time workers are spending between 40 – 45 hours per week at work, and another 35% are working between 45 – 49 hours per week. With being time poor the main excuse for lack of involvement in physical activity and lack of knowledge about nutrition and cooking skills for a lack of nutritious food consumed. It is now more vital than ever that companies invest in their employees’ health and well being to change these statistics and help minimise and reduce the impact of this on not only their businesses but the national economy.

58% better employee

morale and engagement

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32% enhanced



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30% Lower

absentee rate

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48% of employees thought it

was a healthier and

more inclusive workplace

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29% reduction in work

related stress

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28% better staff


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22% improved


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16% better

customer service

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