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Corporate Wellbeing Consultancy

Just like there is no one size fits all to nutritional advice or training, there isn't one health and well-being solution that is going to suit every business. 

Our corporate well-being consultancy services works with you to tailor a well-being initiative that suits your business and your employees.

Having a solution tailored to your business with someone who takes the time to get to understand your business and what your employees would like out of a well-being program is going to ensure that it is not only cost effective, but also that your business and employees receive maximum benefits from it.


Our programs focus on stress reduction and minimisation, enhancing and enriching team bonding, personal growth and development, improving knowledge and creating a foundation to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

We can offer a range of customised services that range from

- Nutrition workshops and seminars

- Nutrition and diet consultations

- Cooking demonstrations and classes

- Group fitness classes and boxing

- Healthy snack afternoons

- Pop up juice bars

- Nutritional Health Checks

- 8 week corporate bootcamp

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