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8 week Health Boost program

Struggling to feel healthy?

Don't know if your food intake is nutritionally adequate?

Don’t know what type of exercise to do?

My 8 week program is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change that will help you regain your energy and love for life

Many people say that they try diets and they lose weight and work for a short time until it all comes undone and they gain all the weight they lost plus some.


This will ensure that you have all the tips and tricks to regain your life and keep weight off for good.

Why check in every week?

This keeps you accountable. Checking in every week, especially in the beginning will help you not only stay on track but any difficulties or problems that you have can then be discussed.


  • 1 x initial consultation (60 minutes)

  • 7 x extended follow up (30 minutes)

What the program Includes?

  • A comprehensive 8 week health boost program
    book detailing not only meal suggestions but also
    meal timing and an understanding of what carbs,
    protein and fat are and the various vitamins and minerals

  • A nutrition and supplement plan to suit your nutritional
    needs and lifestyle.

  • A tailored exercise plan

  • Weight and Body fat measurements before and after

  • The first and last session have to be conducted in the
    clinic but the rest have the option to be phone/
    skype consults

  • Continual email and face to face support

  • NOT a diet but a healthy lifestyle

  • Health fund rebates may be available

Healthy Green Smoothies
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