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Nutrition workshops, talks and interactive seminars

Interactive Nutrition workshops and seminars can be presented to your workplace on a variety of subjects either virtually through your choice of online platform (Zoom, Teams, webex) or on site. 

Nutrition seminars are a vital part of any wellbeing strategy. Over recent years there has been a growing trend and awareness of the importance of having a healthy diet not only for physical wellbeing but also mental wellbeing and helping to reduce and manage stress levels. 

By providing your employees nutritional information and education it will empower them and help them to thrive by make healthier, wiser more nutritious choices. 

In turn this will help:

- Reduce employee absenteeism and also presenteeism

- Reduce health costs associated with sick leave

- Improve focus and productivity

- Improve morale in the office

- Improve workplace culture and increase energy level amongst employees.

Seminars can be designed to your specific needs 

Some of the topics that can be covered:

   - Food for your mood
   - What actually is a healthy diet
   - Making smart nutrition choices with a busy schedule

   - Staying active and healthy while working

   - Nutrition to optimise your training and performance. 
   - How to navigate the supermarket
   - Fitness to reduce your stress - why exercise is the key

   - Fitness and Nutrition for weight loss

   - Common food and fitness myths and misconceptions

   - Breaking down diets; what does and doesn't work.

   - Thriving not just surviving 

   -  Exercise benefits for physical and mental stress

   -  The foundations of good nutrition

   -  The Foundations of good health and wellbeing

   -  Winter wellbeing Tips and tricks

   -  Eating to maximise good gut health

   -  Navigating the supermarket with ease

   -  Read food labels like a pro

If you would like seminars on any other topics please get in touch 

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