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When you've had a bit too much fun on holidays

If Holidays aren't for having fun and making memories then what is?

BUT as much as they are about enjoying being in a new country and experiencing a new culture it should be no means be a free for all and let your diet go out the window.

What do you do when it gets to that point when you're on the plane home and realise that maybe you let the "i'm on holidays" line come out one too many times and the jeans are feeling a bit too tight.

Here are some quick and easy ways to help you get back on track and feeling your best self again soon.

1. Don't beat yourself up about it - This will not do anything besides raise your cortisol levels and cause you undue stress. It's in the past so you literally cannot change it but you can learn from it. Causing yourself stress and grief will not cause the extra weight to come off faster in fact it will probably make it stay on longer and make it harder to come off.

2. Get sleep - Getting enough sleep is crucial for not only weight loss but for good health in general. Making sure you get at least 7-8 hours per night will not only give you more energy but also help you think clearer at work and when the alarm goes off in the morning to workout you'll be more likely to get up and workout then snooze through it instead

3. Get back into a normal exercise regime - Most people allow themselves to take a break from exercise and rest on holidays which is totally fine and normal as your body needs rest. Or even if you are exercising you may not be doing as many sessions per week or as hard and would definitely not be your usual exercise regime. So it's important that when you get home you make a conscious effort to get back into your normal routine.

4. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake - Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake will help your body replenish itself of all the nutrients that it may not have been getting while you were away.

5. Go for walks - Getting out and walking not only increases your daily step count but also improve your mood and mindset and is one of the best ways for burning off that excess chocolate and cake that was consumed.

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