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My Top tips to stay on track while travelling

So with the December/ Janurary Christmas holiday period almost upon us I thought I would give my top tips for how to stay on track while you're away travelling and still enjoy the most of your trip.

1. Don't have the buffet breakfast everyday

I am all about enjoying life while on holidays but you don't need to have the 3 course buffet breakfast every morning. Because think about it, if you are away for a month, that is a lot of extra food that you wouldn't normally be eating over that period of time. Allow yourself the buffet only once or twice a week and that way it is still a treat and something special that you do. Or if you are having the buffet every morning as it is included in your room, practice portion control. Don't have a 3 course breakfast. Have something similar to what you would have at home - fruit, oats, nuts, seeds, avocado, greens and eggs are all good options.

2. Carry a water bottle

It is so important to still keep your water intake up while you're away which is so easily forgotten about. Especially the day before and day that you travel so as to not become dehydrated on the flight. I make sure to pack an empty water bottle in my suitcase so that when I get to my destination I can easily fill it up everyday and take it with me. This makes it so much easier then having to go and try and find a place to buy a bottle of water and also more economical and environmentally friendly.

3. Walk during the day whenever you can

I know that while i'm away I try and walk everywhere/ where ever I can. Especially over in Europe where the cities are so easy to walk around or in places like New York or London. I know when I'm overseas I walk between destinations a lot more than I do when I'm at home. All this incidental exercise adds up and you'll be surprised at the end of the day how many steps you've done and how many more you've done than if you got taxis or drove between places. This is also my favourite way of discovering a new city as I find I get to see and notice a lot more on foot than driving or on a bus.

4. Find a local supermarket close to where you are staying and get some snacks for mid morning and afternoon.

Not only will this stop you from getting hangry (angry hungry) mid afternoon, but also help you curb what you eat at the following meal. Having a handful of nuts, some veggie sticks or a bliss ball will fill you up and tide you over so you don't devour the whole bread basket before your lunch or dinner even comes out.

5. Take your own food on the plane

As much as they have tried to improve the plane food, I much prefer to take my own food on planes. Taking packs of nuts, making some roast veggies to take or a salad will make sure you don't go hungry on the plane and then resort to eating food you wouldn't normally eat.

6. Get up and get moving every morning especially the days that you're flying.

I think this is especially important on days when you are going on the plane and have a 14 or 15 hour flight. You know you are going to be sitting down for a long time so getting up and getting moving before you get on the flight will not only help you reach your step goal that day but also help with swollen feet and fluid retention that can happen so often on planes.

7. If you are in an apartment see if you can find a local supermarket and mix it up and cook a few nights

I absolutely love discovering new supermarkets while i'm away and seeing the different types and brands of foods. And another good way to save both your waistline and wallet is to cook a few of your meals at home. Yes, there many be so many restaurants that you want to discover, but cooking 1 or 2 meals, if you can, isn't going to hurt. Try even branching out and making a dish from the local cuisine.

8. Research local healthy cafes and restaurants

Similarly do your research before you go and have a list of local healthy cafes and health food shops so that when you are there you aren't struggling to find healthy places to eat.

9. Don't have dessert every night just as you wouldn't at home.

Being overseas and out of your normal routine shouldn't mean a free for all and that your diet goes completely out the window with having three ice creams a day. Just as it is at home, dessert should be a treat and not something to be had after every meal while you're away.

10. Still take your supplements while you're away.

Supplements have been prescribed to you for a reason - that your body needs extra help and support or you are deficient in some nutrient. These deficiencies are not magically going to go away while you're on holidays as much as we would like and wish they would. It might be even more important that you continue taking your supplements while you're away as your routine is not normal and your diet and eating might be different to what it is at home so your body may appreciate this boost more than ever.

11. Enjoy your holiday!

Holidays are there to be enjoyed! Yes i've said don't have the buffet everyday but if one day you do decide to have a big breakfast don't feel guilty about it, holidays are there for memories to be made. Eat light for the rest of the day and your body will appreciate you for it. The same as don't feel guilty if you don't get a workout in or you are working out less than you do at home. You don't have access to the same gym and your schedule is completely different to normal so you can't expect that your workouts are going to be the same.

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