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My 6 health hacks

Even If i can't do anything else and if my eating was less than desirable that day these are my 6 things I do everyday to help my body and make sure it's the healthiest it can be. Just incorporating these 6 simple things can help you to improve your health and wellbeing.

1. Start the day with a 500ml glass of water

Starting the day with a glass of water on an empty stomach not only helps to boost your digestion and make sure you reach your 2L everyday but also helps flush out any toxins that had built up overnight as this is the time when your body is resting, repairing and detoxing. Through doing this it is helping your skin to look glowing and fresh.

2. Have good posture

Take a second to notice your posture. I'm sure it's not as straight as you thought it was and that if you were sitting reading this you were slightly hunched over your desk.

Having good posture not only helps to open up your lungs and help you breathe better but can also add a few Centimeters on in height when you're standing up straight. As someone who is vertically challenged I need all the help I can get!

3. Move my body everyday

This one does require slightly longer time than having a glass of water but I make sure that everyday I try and move my body as much as I can. Having chronic hip pain since doing my half marathons I find that sitting down for too long causes immense amounts of pain when I stand up again so I make sure especially on the days when I'm at my clinic that I get up every hour or so and move my body even just walk around the office for a few minutes. Even if i don't have time that day for a proper workout, having my dog also ensures that I get moving more often by at least walking him everyday - he gets very cranky if I don't - It's like he's my own personal reminder to move my body.

4. Have at least 10 minutes of me time.

Having time to yourself everyday even if just 10 minutes is going to make the world of difference. In a time when everyone feels so stretched and pulled in so many directions by so many people - work, your partner, family, friends it can often feel overwhelming and that you never get any time alone to really de-stress and recharge your own batteries. If you yourself are not happy and have enough energy then you aren't going to be able to help anyone so it is very important that you practice self care and look after yourself.

5. Take my make-up off every night

This one is actually quite easy for me as I go without make up more days than I have it on.

But on the days where I have meetings or are going out and am wearing make-up when I get home it's the first thing to come off. Taking your make-up off every night gives you skin time to breathe overnight and regenerate as wearing your make-up to bed clogs your pores and is thus more likely to cause acne and breakouts.

6. Never going to bed angry

This is one that i've always done and fully believe in - never going to bed in the middle of an arguement or being angry at someone. Going to bed when you have had a fight with your partner, parents, siblings or a friend is only going to make you have a really bad sleep as it will raise your blood pressure and you'll end up tossing and turning the whole night thinking about it. Consequently you'll then wake up feeling so tired and lethargic and even worse the next day because of it.

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