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Why I love setting Spring Resolutions

With October upon us, now is one of my favorite times to set new resolutions and goals. Having something to work towards coming into the Christmas and New Year period makes sure that I don't go completely off track in the festive season. (and yes I fully realise that for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere you're in fall not spring, but I just felt spring worked better with the title instead of October resolutions). I find that starting in October can give me a good 5 or 6 weeks before the festivities of Christmas and the end of the year start up so allowing myself to really get a head start on my goals.

New years resolutions are great, however, I find that many people get all excited about them and go full on into them for about a week or so, then once they get back into work by the end of January their resolutions seem to be long gone. Think about this. At the beginning of January most people are on holidays and so not in their normal routine and therefore have more time to dedicate to going to the gym and looking after their health (which lets be honest 90% of new years resolutions are in relation to eating better and/ or exercising more). Fast forward to the end of January, everyone gets back into work and their normal routine and this is when any health and fitness goals that people have tend to go out the window quick smart. They find that they don't have as much time on their hands as their life heads back to normalcy and hence back to their old patterns of getting take away over cooking at home and skipping gym session after gym session in favour of going out for Friday night drinks or when late nights at the office catch up with them.

That is why I find that creating some new goals or resolutions in spring are better than New Years resolutions. You are still in your normal daily routine and any changes that you make are going to fit around what your life is usually like. The key to making and being able to stick to any new fitness or health routine is making it work for you and making it work in around your regular schedule. There's no point in saying you are going to exercise 6 times per week when you know that normally you are only able to manage 4 times per week. This not only puts undue pressure on yourself, but sets you up for failure when you are not able to get there as many times as you would like. I always tell me clients to go with a lower number than what they think they can do because you are going to feel a lot better about yourself and it is going to be a lot more motivating when you think "Wow, I managed to go 4 times this week when I only planned to go 3"

So why have to wait until January 1st, next monday or that day that you keep putting it off until?

'Start working on those goals that you have now.

Every step that you take towards them is one step closer to achieving them.

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