9 days in the Cook Islands

Everyone who I spoke to and told that I was going to the Cook Islands had either heard of it and really wanted to go, had been themselves or had known someone that has been and said that they thought that it was incredible.

In light of that, I thought this would just be a bit of a travel blog with photos of the food (obviously because what else?! haha), what I thought of the accommodation, beaches and of course sunsets and just my general thoughts on going to the Cook Islands.

My general thoughts on the Cook Islands

So I don't know why but I had always been fascinated by the Cook Islands. It always seemed this remote Paradise - which is literally only 4 hours 45 minutes direct flight from Sydney! One of only 3 places in the world that has a direct flight there so aren't we lucky! And also may I add one of the places that Australia is actually close too and isn't an 18 or 24hr flight to get there!!

So at the beginning of this year when I decided that I was going to go away for my birthday, the Cook Islands instantly popped into my mind. And from then on I was just so determined that I was going to be laying on a beach soaking up the sun in August.

So when I got there, I'm pleased to say it definitely did not disappoint!

It honestly is as beautiful as you imagine it and these photos don't even do it justice.

So basically what i'm saying is . . .