Why I gave up Alcohol

Before I even start, i'm going to say that this is not going to be facts or figures about alcohol induced diseases and what they can do to you. And this is not going to be a GIVE UP ALCOHOL NOW, Alcohol is the devil post. I feel that anyone can write that and everyone by now knows all the statistics. This is going to be my personal story about why I stopped drinking, because when I say I don't drink people are genuinely curious as to how and why I don't. And no, I do not and would not ever force my clients to stop drinking. This is something that if they want too, they have to come to terms with themselves. It is their choice and I never judge anyone if they tell me that they drink. I know for many people it is not that easy to just one day decide to stop and that there is a lot going on under the surface that alcohol helps them to deal with (this could be it's own blog post which I might even touch on).

To get the big picture, let me take you back to the college days of my first degree in Canberra. The days were short but the nights were long. There would be the Lighty (Lighthouse pub) on Wednesday nights, Uni bar on Thursdays, usually going out in the city on a Friday and lets be honest Saturday too and then for good measure usually a Sunday Sesh somewhere! So lets say that alcohol was plentiful, exercise was minimal and nutrition was not even on the radar. The fact that I could walk home from most places we went out during the week was an even bigger bonus. Look I don't regret it for a second, I made some of my best friends in Canberra and had some of the best memories that I will always treasure and now laugh at and my liver slightly recoils in panic when I remember them.

At the time I remember thinking that was normal. That's what college was all about wasn't it?

And for me back then it was. I think that I had to come through that to be able to see the other side and where I am now. It was when I came home from Canberra that I really saw the effects it had on me. Hello gaining 15kg. The fresher 15* decided to come back to Sydney with me - how rude! They clearly weren't invited - could they not have stayed in Canberra where they belonged?

*In America/Canada it is termed the Freshmen 15 as most people gain 15lbs in their first year of being at college - and yes my body didn't do the imperial to metric conversion so just decided to gain 33lbs instead hehe.