Make a whole year resolution instead of a new year resolution

So the end of December is almost here. Which can I say how ridiculously fast this year has gone! Every year seems to be going quicker and quicker. It inevitably comes to this time of year when everyone starts thinking about New years resolutions and about 20 seconds later decide it’s all too hard to start now so January it will be.

Now fast forward a few weeks to the beginning of January, you get all excited and go hard at it for 2 weeks. Then February hits and you realise you actually have a life to live so staying home 24/7 and sticking to a diet plan you found online that resembles something like having glasses of water and 2 breaths of fresh air for breakfast, lunch and dinner isn’t realistic. Then you slowly start to miss one gym session a week, then 2, then before you know it your gym membership card has been lost on your bedroom floor somewhere gathering dust and it's bye bye new years resolutions. That is why making a whole year resolution with yourself and even breaking up the year into different resolutions for different months could be the best thing for you. Not only will it give you a fresh new goal to achieve and make life more interesting, but it'll ensure that you then aren't falling off the bandwagon before January has even ended.

When thinking about your goals, you need to