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Why Breakfast is the best thing you can do...

I am going to admit it.. I used to be the biggest culprit of this. I never used to eat breakfast. OR if i did, it would be something quick and easy on the run. Admittedly that's better than nothing but still not great. (and I used to wonder why at 10am I was starving and heading for the chocolates and then why my weight was drastically increasing!) I find this is the same with not only my clients I talk too but just with my friends in general that the "But i'm not a morning person" or the "I don't have time for breakfast, I'd rather sleep in" seem to be all too common.

Here are a few reasons as to why eating breakfast is the best thing you can do for your body, not only to maintain your weight but mentally too.

1. Eating within half an hour of getting up kick starts your metabolism. Giving your body that energy first thing gets your metabolism up and firing and it also wakes you up. You know how some people say oh I don't feel like i can get moving or am awake until 10am. Ask them if they eat breakfast and I guarantee they'll say no. Having a fast metabolism helps with weight maintenance and weight loss and also eating breakfast wakes you up and gets your ready for the day.

2. It'll stop you heading for the chips and biscuits at 10am. Having a fufilling breakfast will keep you fuller for longer and stop those mid morning cravings for chocolate. I always say to have a mid morning snack but you'll more likely go for something healthy as you aren't as ravenous as if you didn't have breakfast.

3. Breakfast is when you have been fasting for sometimes up to 10 hours so you need to refuel your body.

4. If you prepare it the night before it can be all ready in your fridge ready to go so you can literally grab it from the fridge and eat it.

Here are some of my all time favourite breakfasts.

This is my go to breakfast that I have almost every morning

- 180g Chobani no fat yoghurt

- 50g Macros fruit free museli

- 15g absolutely organic crunchy peanut butter

- 5g LSA meal

- 5g chia seeds

- a sprinkle (as in literally a pinch) of cacao powder

Avocado, ricotta ( or cottage cheese) tomato and Mushrooms on soy linseed bread with a poached egg

- 1 x poached egg

- 15g fat free ricotta or cottage cheese

- 100g tomato

- 30g avocado

- 100g mushrooms

- 1 slice soy linseed bread

Ok now don't know this one until you try it.

Peanut butter with either blueberries or rasperries on soy-linseed bread.

I usually use raspeberries and smush them down to create a jam - my version of peanut butter and jelly :)

Enjoy and I hope these give you some inspiration to make some yummy breakfasts.

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