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How to stop the trap of overeating when you work from home

Working from home is now becoming increasingly more common as the typical 9 to 5 working day is getting shifted to suit different lifestyles. That can be great, however, when you have the kitchen and fridge staring you in the face the whole day can be very detrimental to the wasitline. I work from home as well so I know all too well how distracting it can be .

Here are some of my tips to be able to work from home and not be constantly in front of the fridge.

1. Don't work where you can see the fridge - I have a designated office at home, which is in a c ompletely different area that is not in view of the fridge. That old saying "out of sight out of mind." If you work at the kitchen table looking straight at the fridge you are more likely to be up snacking compared to if you work in a different room.

2. Set yourself a morning, lunch and afternoon tea break like you would at work - If you have scheduled morning, lunch and afternoon tea breaks then you know when you can eat lunch and will be more productive as you aren't up 10 times a day going to the fridge to procrastinate.

3. Pack yourself morning, lunch and afternoon tea as if you were going into an office - Pack your food as if you were going into the office and put it in the fridge. That way you know you have your snacks planned out for the day and you aren't going to the fridge aimlessly.

4. Act like it is a 9 to 5 job - make sure you are sitting at your computer at 9am. It is all too easy to have a sleep in and then before you know it, it's 11am and you haven't started work.

5. Get dressed - I'm not saying put on a suit to work at home, but make sure you get dressed everyday. You are more likely to be productive and in "work" mode if you get out of your pyjamas and into "work" clothes.

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