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How to keep your New Years Resolutions past Valentines Day!

So by now, the back to work and school routine has really stuck in and it’s around mid February (Also around the time you depressingly realise your next holiday is not for 11 months until December.) Those amazing new years resolutions, that you absolutely swore this year you would keep, in terms of your fitness, are going out the window faster than you can say “Fit February”

January 1st came around and you and your best friend/ boyfriend/ sister/ partner in crime made a pact that this is it! This is the year! You were both going to get fit! As eager as a new puppy you both joined the local gym. For the first week you were both as keen ever to go trying out all the difference classes and things it has to offer. A month and a half in, the excuses start coming. She messages you “I’m late at work, I won’t go tonight” – so then you decide that’s your queue for a night off. That one night off then becomes 3 days and before you know it your gym membership swipe card is gathering dust underneath your bed never to be seen again (until you decide the same resolution again next January).

Any of this sound familiar??

This is all too common. It’s at times like these when you need a reset button to get that motivation that you had a month and a half ago back! Don't feel deflated and just give up. All it could take is a few things to get you back on the right track.

Here are a couple of tricks that I found that can help get that fire and love of exercise back.

Mix up your routine and try something different

It’s at times like these when trying that new exercise class you’ve always wanted to but have never had the time/ been bothered could be just the trick. One of my absolute favourite classes to do when I have time is a barre class – a mix between Ballet, Pilates and Yoga. Whether it be something like this, surfing, yoga, a spin class or join up for a team sport. Mixing up your routine and trying something new could be just what you need to keep up that exercise routine past Valentines day!

Leave the gym and exercise outdoors

If you live in the southern hemisphere and it's summer, it’s the best time to be exercising outdoors. With the long days and beautiful sun, what could be better than going for long walks outdoors, after work swims or getting up at 6 and seeing the sunrise. Cancel the gym membership and exercise outside while you can before those winter months start creeping in and you’ll be needing the warmth of the gym on those cold mornings.

Make fitness fun

Don’t think “Urgh I have to go to the gym to get fit there’s no other way”. Exercise is anything that gets you up and out the door moving. Go for long sunset walks on the beach, explore those hidden nature trails, rent kayaks and paddle to a hidden beach or generally just do things that you enjoy doing. If you don’t like or feel intimidated by the gym, no wonder you’re not going. If you do something you actually like you’re so much more likely to stick to it and keep going.

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