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Corporate Health and Wellbeing Programs  

Our programs focus on stress reduction and minimisation, enhancing and enriching team bonding, personal growth and development, improving knowledge and creating a foundation to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

8 week Corporate Health Program

Boxing Gloves
Green Juice
Vegetables in Paper Bags
Laptop and Plant
Conference Meeting
White Objects
Group Workout
Woman Unloading Grocery
Cooking Eggs
Fruit Shakes
Barbell and Kettlebell Weights
Healthy Food
Diet Apples
Refrigerated Goods
Weight Loss Essentials

Absenteeism from work reported to be costing businesses and the Australian economy in excess of

$7 billion dollars each year and with presenteeism – employees being at work but not functioning at their optimal due to lack of sleep, medical conditions and stress related factors -

in excess of $26 billion dollars.

Typing on a Computer

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Woman Unloading Grocery

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