How to end the cycle of Yo-Yo dieting once and for all

So you have done all the hard work and lost weight. You've gotten down to weight you feel healthy and comfortable in and now you wonder . . . How am I going to keep it off?

This is something that is just as important as losing the weight - maintaining it.

I've had quite a few clients that have come to me at their wits end after various attempts to lose weight. They have said that they have been able to lose the weight, but it is the keeping it off that they struggle with the most. I asked them to run me through their stories and they all go something along these lines -

1. Deprive themselves for a few months and lose the weight

2. Get excited because they had lost all the weight and then instantly go back to eating what they were before and not keeping up with their healthy lifestyle and exercise.

3. The weight creeps back on. And generally they put on more than they lose.

4. Which then leads them to despair as they then start on another cycle of yo-yo dieting and trying to lose that weight.

I can empathise with my clients. I have been there and through this cycle of dieting which for most people seems like it's never going to end.