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3 of the best memory enhancing Nutrients

Every had that feeling when you were just about to tell someone something and then completely forgot what It was?! Yep, I think we've all had that at least at one point in our lives.

Not to worry, here are 3 of the best nutrients to help improve your memory, concentration and brain function.

Omega 3

Most people have heard of fish oil in helping things such as joint and muscle aches and pains and for skin complaints but it is also amazing for helping to improve your memory. Especially in pregnancy and early childhood, fish oil and Omega 3's are needed in plentiful amounts to help with brain development. In older adulthood, omega's are important to help keep the brain healthy, to help prevent any damage and to minimise any cognitive decline or impairment. The best sources of Omega 3's are fish (tuna, salmon, sardines), nuts, seeds and avocado.


Over recent years, scientists have been studying the relationship between the Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) with memory retention and loss. Many studies have shown that B12 together combined with Omega 3 can slow cognitive decline in people who exhibit signs of early Alzheimer's Disease. As B12 is only found in products such as fish, poultry, dairy, eggs and beef, vegetarians and vegans who don't eat any/many animal products and need to be very careful to ensure that they don't become nutrient deficient. The best sources of Vitamin B12 are - Oysters, tuna, salmon, beef, lamb, eggs and yoghurt.

Vitamin E

A study conducted in 2014 by the American Medical Association showed that high amounts of Vitamin E can significantly help people with Alzheimer's disease. If you are eating a nutritionally balanced diet consisting of whole foods then you should not be in any risk of becoming Vitamin E deficient, however, here are the the foods with the highest amounts of Vitamin E - Sunflower seeds, almonds, sweet potato, tuna, hazelnuts, avocado, peanut butter and walnuts.

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