6 tips to starting the New Year off right.

Firstly I wanted to say Welcome to 2019!

I hope that you all had a happy, healthy and safe Christmas and New Year period and got some time to relax, spend time with friends and family and do some things you enjoy.

I know that keeping any sort of normal routine over the Holiday period is very hard and there are lots of events in the lead up to Christmas meaning that you are eating out a lot more often and not in your normal routine as your may be on holidays from work, working shorter hours or have the children home from school. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your months of hard work leading up to Christmas is all gone because of it. The quicker that you get back into your normal routine the easier it will be to re-establish those good habits.

Here are my 6 tips to help you get back on track for the start of the new year and have you back to feeling like your energetic self in no time.