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My top 4 post workout breakfasts

Post workout you need to have something filling that will help replenish the muscle and glycogen stores that you just used up during the workout.

Breakfast 1:

The first breakfast which I love having especially during summer are smoothie bowls as they are so refreshing.

Step 1. Blend 100ml of coconut water and 100ml of non dairy milk of your choice ( i used almond milk, but oat or coconut milk would work just as well) with 1 banana and 1 scoop of protein powder.

Step 2 - Pour into bowl and top with either 2 tablespoons (30g) of mixed seeds or granola and berries of your choice and a dash of cinnamon to top.

Now, I don't usually advocate granola as they are usually high in refined sugars and highly processed but I have found one that is amazing.

The granola that i use is by Bliss Fit Food and it is raw, vegan, gluten free (as they use buckwheat), refined sugar free (they use dates to sweeten it), no additives, no preservatives, high in fiber and paleo and keto friendly so definitely gets this Nutritionists tick of approval.

My favourite is the cacao crunch which only consists of

- Buckwheat;

- Sunflower seeds;

- Dates;

- Pumpkin seeds;

- Coconut;

- Almonds;

- Cashews;

- Cacao powder;

- Chia seeds;

- Cinnamon;

- Nutmeg

so all natural ingredients!

Breakfast 2:

Or if you don't feel like a smoothie bowl and are short on time. Add the granola, berries and cinnamon to the blender and make it all into a smoothie for an easy Nutritious breakfast on the go.

Breakfast 3:

Another favourite of mine is Avocado on toast. If you've followed me for long enough you'll understand my love for avocado specifically avocado on toast.

My all time favourite is avocado with poaches eggs on paleo or sprouted toast with roast tomato and haloumi.

Breakfast 4:

Lastly but definitely by no means my least favourite is to make a veggie plate.

I make sure to have either some eggs, or tofu with it as protein and then load it up with greens and other veggies.

I love adding spinach, slices beetroot and carrot, tomatoes, olives, avocado and goats cheese. Or just use whatever veggies you had leftover from the night before.

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