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Things that you NEED to stop saying to yourself

So here is a blog post for those people that need a bit of motivation to keep going. Telling yourself any of the following is only self sabotaging your amazing results.

So read on and see if you can relate to one of these excuses. From now on whenever you do, catch yourself and work on changing your mindset. Go for a walk, read a book, do some cooking, take 5 minutes to relax and breathe - do something for you that helps to calm you. Taking some time out to put things into perspective is the best thing you can do for yourself in times like that and will help you stay on track to achieve the results you want.

1. "It must be easy for them" – O.K ... now hold on! Said who!?

That really has to stop! Thinking someone else's life is easier than yours is not going to get you anywhere. It literally is getting you absolutely no where and not helping your life in any single way, shape or form, so why keep doing it!? Also, you never truly know what people have gone through or what it’s taken for them to get where they are (there are more actors and actresses in the world than just the ones you see in the movies - people are great at hiding what's really going on). Many people I know in this field, whether it be Nutrition or Personal Training, have gone through some personal journey that has lead them there, often the same journey as their clients. So never say it’s easy, because nothing ever worth having is. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve anything - lose weight, own a business, run a marathon. It all takes willpower, strength and determination.

2. "I'll never look like them or get abs like them" - well NO, obviously not, because you AREN'T them. You're YOU. Even if you trained the same as someone, drank the same amount of water, got the same hours sleep and ate the exact same as someone down to the absolute gram you would not look like them! Scientific fact! So stop trying to achieve the impossible. Instead of fantasizing about what someone else is doing or looking like, focus on what you can actually do to help yourself have the fittest and healthiest body for YOU.

3. "I can’t" – Well, yes you can. Yes you can not drink for one night (it’s easier than it sounds, trust me). And i'm not afraid to call people out when they say they can't give up something. If I can not touch a single alcoholic drink for 4 years, then trust me you can. Yes, you can say no to ice cream. Yes, you can. Saying "I can't" and "I won't" are two very different things. And you have to distinguish between them. Saying I can't means there is literally no absolute way in the world you can give up something. But "I won't" means that you can but don't want too. And look that is ok. Don't think you're a failure for not wanting to give up something. Not at all!! These things take time! You just have to realise that some things you are doing may not be the best for your health and it's in your best interests to reduce them or eliminate them step by step. I personally don't drink coffee (well rarely - one or 2 cups a year maximum I would say), but I know a number of clients who can't function without their morning cup. Look as long as it is not contributing to their health problems or harming them in any other way I don't make them. BUT when they say to me "oh I cant give up my morning cup", I say can't or won't? Because saying you won't is owning that you aren't giving it up, saying you can't is shifting the blame to someone else - to who this magical creature is I don't know - but it's not taking responsibility for your actions and your health. It’s about willpower and whether what you are aiming for is enough motivation for you to be strong enough to say no. It's about wanting something that bad enough that you will do absolutely everything and anything in your power to get there. So if you feel yourself saying you won't give up something, that you perhaps know you should, maybe take a look at your motivation to give it up. Is that enough for you? Or do you need to dig deeper to find some other reason.

4. "I'll have to give up ..." - Putting things in the negative always makes things seem worse than they are. Instead of saying I have to give up smoking, think instead what you are going to do in the cigarette break time as opposed to what you aren't doing. This makes things seem a lot more achievable and that you aren’t depriving yourself of anything. Think about what you have and what you can do instead of what you can't or aren't doing. A lot of people would give anything to be able to even have the opportunity to exercise and eat healthy so don't take it for granted that you can.

5. "It’s too hard" – Well no, it’s not. You just have to choose what you believe to be hard. Being a parent is hard (to a human OR a 4 legged fur baby - and don't you let anyone tell you being a fur parent isn't hard), just like being overweight, working a 15 hour day, running a business and going through a divorce are all hard. You just have to choose what you deem to be "hard". In the scheme of things getting up and going for a walk, eating healthy and going to the gym physically isn't that hard (you get up and either drive, walk or get public transport there). Yes In winter getting up in the dark and going to the gym or going for a walk is more challenging, but like everything else in life you make it work.

6. "I want a quick fix" – If i had $5 for every time I heard someone say this in relation to losing weight or getting fit I could retire now. Sorry, but nothing good ever comes quickly - hello New York was not built in one day so chill and enjoy the ride. And if it does, it’ll be gone just as fast. All those weight loss fads and shakes that say you can lose 3kg in the first week are just going to make you put on 5kg when you go off them. So save yourself that "hard" (and the money) and do it the right way first time.

7. "I’m not seeing any results so I give up" – Yes the scales may not be showing any difference, but that doesn’t mean that your body composition isn’t changing. Exercising and eating well is about so much more than just weight loss. The mental and emotional benefits far outweigh any physical benefits you may see. Your body would be changing, gaining muscle and losing fat and your fitness would also be increasing. Instead of the scales, determine your progress by how your clothes fit, by how fast you can run a certain distance, how much you can lift at the gym or take progress photos. That is such a better indicator for your progress and you'll stick too it as you will see results.

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