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When the scales start heading in the wrong direction...

It happens to just about everyone that is trying to lose weight. I know it definitely happened to me. You start losing weight and that is the point when everyone starts noticing and the compliments start flowing. It’s then that you begin to get complacent as you know that what you’re doing is working. So your not as strict with yourself as you were. A Tim-Tam starts creeping in your mouth here and that glass of wine that you wouldn’t have usually had starts to become a regular appearance again. You then step on the scales and shockingly it says a kilo heavier. Now there are many reasons for your weight going up - too many to go into in this post. But I know how disheartening seeing that number going up on the scales can be. It can be at this point when you think Oh screw it this isn't working anymore and before you know it you were back to where you started.

Here are my tips for not letting one little setback in weight loss become your downfall.

1. Just breathe and don't beat yourself up about it - It's not a sign that you're going in the wrong direction. Be realistic with yourself as to what you've eaten and if you truly know that you've been eating healthy and exercising then it will not be a sign that you're putting on weight. More than likely you'll be losing fat but gaining muscle (which weighs more than fat).

2. Be honest with yourself - Do a food diary. It is so easy to let a piece of chocolate here and there slip into the diet. Write down everything you eat for a few days so it gives you a clear indication as to what you actually are eating and it's there in black and white for you.

3. Try something different - If you've been doing the same exercise routine for a few months or even weeks your body can get used to it and cause a plateau. Mix up your routine. It may even be going for a different route on your walks or going in the afternoon instead of morning.

4. Exercise with a friend to make it fun and help boost your intensity - I know for myself that when I exercsie with friend I go harder and for longer. The time seems to just slip away. So why not grab a few friends and go for a long walk on Sunday mornings or go to a boxing class every week together.

and most importantly

5.DON'T GIVE UP!!! - As I say, losing weight or getting fit is not an overnight fix. It is going to take time. Just because you feel you aren't getting anywhere, don't give up. Have 1 or 2 days off to rest and recharge and then get back into it. Having that break could be exactly what your body needs to mix things up.

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