Staying on track in Winter

It's coming into the cooler months and staying under the covers seem more inviting than going out for that run or hightailing it to the gym at the early hours or even after work as going to the gym in the dark seems less than inviting. But a few little tweaks to your routine and you could be running out the door in the early morning.

Here are 5 of my tips to get you up and training in Winter

1. Get your clothes out the night before

Having your clothes packed out the night before gives you that extra incentive and motivation to get out of bed. It makes it so much easier in the early hours when you don't have to figure out what to wear you can just grab your clothes in the morning and go. Similarly if you have to go straight to work after you workout, have your post workout breakfast/ smoothie ready, lunch packed and your work clothes ready the night before so that you can save time in the morning and not have to get up earlier. All it takes is an extra 5 minutes of being prepared the night before to save you a whole lot of hassle in the morning.

2. Set yourself a fitness goal for the end of Winter

Setting yourself a fitness goal, be it strength of cardio related is that extra push you need to keep you on track during the cooler months. Having a training plan set out and working towards something in the cooler months keeps you not only accountable but is also great to then see your progress at the end of winter. For example do a 1km or Mile time trial on the 1st of June. Then 3 months later on the 31st of August do another one and see how your time has improved.