5 tips to staying on track this Christmas

The festive season for many, albeit a time of joy, can be a time of great stress for people trying to lose weight and get healthy. There are generally more social outings in the lead up to Christmas and New Years, you're eating out more often and not in your normal routine. But that does not have to mean that all is lost and that December is a complete right off.

Here are my 5 tips to staying on track this Festive season.

1. Eat mindfully

Just because there may be more social occasions and parties in December and in the lead up to Christmas doesn't mean that you need to be eating cake for 3 meals a day. Be sure to still eat mindfully and to remember you don't need to eat food just because it's there in front of you. Most of my clients that I talk to about this say that it one of their downfalls at parties when platters of food are there in front of them and before they know it they've eaten half the wheel of cheese. Ask yourself if you are actually hungry and if you are then opt for the healthiest option that you can. I'm not saying to not have cake but to just pick and choose the occasions when you are going to allow yourself to have cake and be a bit more flexible with your eating.

2. Make sure to keep up your exercise

This is going to be one of the things that will help you not pile on the kilos in December. Keeping up with doing over 10,000 steps per day and your normal exercise regime will help you not only avoid putting on that holiday weight but also help keep your digestion and detoxification process working. Eating out and foods that you are not normal