What NOT to do on your health and fitness journey

Everyone is constantly being bombarded with what to do to be healthy and how to start your fitness regime. So I thought i'd write an article on what not to do.

I mean everyone is different, so everyone's fitness regime and health journey is going to look different and everyone is going to be at different stages - but what not to do is going to be the same for everyone.

1. DO Educate yourself about Nutrition and DON'T just follow a regimented nutrition plan

Well for starters you probably shouldn't be following a strict nutrition plan - you should be TAUGHT how to create a good balanced diet for yourself, NOT TOLD what to eat. This is so that YOU can pick and choose what you want to eat, when you want to eat it not someone else. Unless that person is in your brain, how do they know what you are going to want to eat for breakfast or dinner tonight, tomorrow or in 4 days time? The plan may say Salmon but on the day you might feel like tacos, so instead of understanding how to make a healthy version of tacos, you have the salmon but dread every second of it because it's not what you actually feel like. Yes the salmon may be healthy - but that isn't a win in my book and not how eating should be.