Can you be addicted to sugar?

So let me tell you a story . . . At the beginning of 2014, after having lost 18kg, I then decided that I wanted to hit the 20kg weight loss mark. Not that I felt I had to lose that extra 2kg or that it would make a tremendous difference to my appearance, but mentally I just wanted to be able to say “I’ve lost 20kg”. Long story short, I did a challenge and went for 9 weeks without having sugar. I cut out all processed food, cakes, biscuits, lollies, chips, breads - pretty much all carbs and all fruit except berries (no idea why I cut out fruit - how naive I was back then). I was like to do this and get those last 2kg off I need to go hard or go home so really "clean up" my diet so to speak.

At the end of those 9 weeks and having lost that last 2kg, I then decided to indulge and have a Kit Kat. What a BAD IDEA that was!!!

What happened next I was not prepared for. After regaining the taste for sugar, my body then craved it like it was air and the feeling was as if I could not get enough of it. Back then I thought that my diet was pretty good and devoid of sugar, the fact that it affected me so much shows how much sugar there still was in my body.